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Ultimate Hospital Bag Checklist for Moms

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Having a baby is a huge life change, and knowing what to pack in your hospital bag can be challenging. But don’t worry; we’ve got you covered. This hospital bag checklist has everything you need for both mom and baby. 

We’ve got everything from the basics like diapers and newborn clothes to must-haves like a nursing pillow and lip balm. And, of course, we remembered the essentials for mom, like a comfy robe and slippers. So whether you’re having your first baby or your fifth, make sure you pack everything on this list. Your hospital stay will be much more comfortable (and enjoyable) with all of these items.

hospital bag checklist

When to Pack Your Hospital Bag

The best time to pack your hospital bag is around 35-37 weeks into your pregnancy. By this point, you will have a good idea of your due date and will be close enough to the end of your pregnancy that you can be reasonably confident that you won’t go into labor before your bag is packed.

Of course, every pregnancy is different, and there is always a chance that you could go into labor earlier than expected. If you are worried about this, it is a good idea to pack your bag before, just in case. It is better to be prepared and not need the items in your bag than to find yourself in the hospital without them!

Here is a list of the most important items you must include in your hospital bag:

– Insurance information

– Photo ID

– List of phone numbers (for family, friends, etc.)

– Comfortable clothes to wear home from the hospital

– Going-home outfit for baby

– Car seat

– Diapers 

– Wipes 

– Burp cloths 

-Pacifier – Breast pump (if applicable) – Nursing bras (if applicable) – Formula (if applicable) – Bottles (if applicable)

What to Pack in Your Hospital Bag

No two hospital stays are alike, so it’s essential to be prepared for anything when packing your hospital bag. Here are some critical items to fill in your bag:

For Mom:

– Insurance cards

– Photo ID

– Birth plan (if you have one)

– going home outfit for baby 

– clothes for after delivery 

– toiletries 

– snacks and drinks 

– lip balm 

– hair ties 

– phone charger 

– reading material or entertainment 

What to Pack in Your Hospital Bag for Baby

Assuming you will be giving birth in a hospital, there are certain items you will want to have packed and ready to go in your hospital bag. This is especially true if you have a planned induction or c-section, as you will want to have everything prepared so you can focus on taking care of yourself and your new baby.

First, pack essentials for yourself, such as comfortable clothes to wear during labor, toiletries, insurance information, and your birthing plan. Also, pack a going-home outfit and something comfortable to wear during your stay.

Next, pack items for your baby. This includes clothes (newborn size), diapers, wipes, burp cloths, a receiving blanket, a hat, and mittens (if it’s cold outside). You’ll also need a car seat to take your baby home from the hospital.

Finally, remember the camera! You’ll want to document this time, so ensure you have plenty of batteries and memory cards.

What Your Partner or Support Person Should Pack

Your partner or support person can help make your hospital stay more comfortable by bringing along some essential items. Here’s a list of things to pack for them:

-A change of clothes, including socks and underwear

-Toiletries, such as a toothbrush and toothpaste, deodorant, shampoo, etc.

-A cell phone and charger

-A book or other entertainment (to pass the time between feedings and diaper changes!)

-Snacks and drinks (for themselves)

-Money for parking or any other incidentals


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